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Chuck Moss

Chuck Moss

Media Chaff

July 14, 2017

Another week, another tweet from the President.  Another spasm of horror from the world of the media and the Democrats, same thing. These tweets prove that President Donald Trump is evil and stupid and would not deserve to be our President if he really were our President, which he is not, because of Russian plots delivered in coded messages on the labels of Stolichnaya vodka bottles. As reported by CNN! 

But just for fun, I’d like to try a little counter-factual, alternate speculation. So here goes:

WHAT IF: Donald Trump were really, really smart? I know, you’ll say “if he were really smart, he wouldn’t be a Republican!” (cue the hilarious late-nite, comedian laugh track!!) But WHAT IF HE WERE? What he was really pretty smart and had learned the media biz from fifty years in the real estate game, then casinos, then Reality TV in his little hometown.  What if he knew the media inside and out and had worked the game successfully for decades?

WHAT IF: Donald Trump knew exactly what he was doing? WHAT IF he understood that the media and the Democrats, same thing, would hate him from the get-go and never, ever give him any kind of break? In fact, they would be doing everything to pull him down, tie him up, ruin him. WHAT IF: He knew that being a gentleman-above-the-fray-acting-Presidential means you stand still while they tear you to shreds like they did G.W. Bush and Mitt Romney?

WHAT IF: He understood from years of playing his little hometown media, that they were uncommonly sloppy, biased, and hollowed-out shells producing a faulty product and blinded by their own arrogance. WHAT IF: He saw these Emperors of the Universe were strutting around bare-butt naked and had been for years?

WHAT IF: He figured out that there was a large market of American citizens who also saw it, who were sick of these snide pretenders insulting them and were desperate for a leader, a candidate, a spokesman who would please, for God’s sake, just fight back?

WHAT IF: He saw that there was a never ending 24 hour news cycle that demanded constant fresh meat, that they were going to write something—so give ‘em something to write about?

WHAT IF: Trump actually has an agenda that he would like to accomplish? Maybe his campaign promises could be a start to look for it. To accomplish his agenda, he’d have to do something about the media and the Democrats, same thing, who were out to destroy him as they do all Republicans.

WHAT IF: President Trump has decided to use tweets like a warplane pilot uses chaff. Chaff is a load of metallic confetti that a pilot sprays out to confuse enemy radar. It masks the footprint and trail of the plane in a cloud of meaningless signal noise. Missiles go off track, pursuit hares off in the cloud, effective target acquisition becomes impossible. Hidden in a haze of chaff, the pilot flies his mission.

So the tweets, the crude comments, the less-then-Presidential statements that drive our media to paroxysms of pearl-clutching, knicker-twisted hysteria maybe aren’t gaffes at all. They’re a very well thought out use of media chaff. A useful byproduct comes when Trump digs in and tells the shriekers to buzz off—his supporters love that. And in the meantime, President Trump, protected by his self-generated cloud of Twitter chaff, flies the mission he was elected for.

Well, would have been elected for, had he been really elected, which he wasn’t because Russia or something. And it’s all ”what if” speculation anyhow, because we know Trump is stupid because all Republicans are stupid-heads.  And if you can’t trust the media—and the Democrats, same thing– to recognize stupid-heads and separate wheat from chaff, who can you trust? Keep checking those Stoli bottles!

Chuck Moss teaches Political Science at Oakland University and serves on the Board of the Regional Transportation Authority. He was elected to represent the 40th District in the Michigan House and was appointed Chairman of the all-important Appropriations Committee, responsible for the entire state budget. Prior to politics, Chuck was political columnist for the DETROIT NEWS, and has hosted talk shows for radio and television.

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