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January 17, 2013

Winning The Day: Reboot. Be Urgent.

It is a new year and a new legislature. Where do I advise my clients to start with their issues? Read

Carol Cain Returns to Dome
Carol Cain returns to Dome with an examination of whether Romney can win the state. Read


Colleen Robar begins a new role as Dome Magazine’s China correspondent Read

dc photo
The Political Theater of Base Closings

Early military budget cutting moves hint at tough choices ahead. Read


Book It: ‘Forgotten’ War of 1812 Returns

Commemoration of the war’s bicentennial includes republication of The War of 1812 In the Old Northwest, the seminal book on the conflict. Written in 1958 by an MSU professor, it details the Michigan Territory’s key role and examines the underlying issues. Read


Griffin Policy Forum.
Four Michigan political campaign veterans will participate in the 2012 Spring Griffin Policy Forum on April 2 at Central Michigan University in Mt. Pleasant. They’ll analyze the November elections, make predictions and discuss possible outcomes. View Full Calendar


Under Other Domes: February 2012
Ohio coalition wants independent panel to draw up future congressional and legislative districts … Florida Supreme Court finds corruption in Broward County School Board over charter school issues … Minnesota regulator needs more staff to oversee lobbyists and campaign spending … and more. Read



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