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Kenneth A. Thompson

Kenneth A. Thompson

“Everything will Change. Everything has Changed”

December 9, 2016

The closing scene of Mel Gibson’s movie “The Patriot” became real life during the early morning of November 9, when Hillary Clinton’s subordinate, John Podesta, stood on the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center stage to inform all present that they should go home.  Hillary sent out her subordinate, knowing well that the Associated Press had called Pennsylvania at 1:40 a.m. for Donald J. Trump.  What Lord Charles Cornwallis did at Yorktown in defeat, Hillary Clinton was unable to do, for she refused to hand over her “Sword” to the victor, Donald J. Trump.  So, she sent out her subordinate John Podesta, who unlike General Charles O’Hara did at Yorktown, also failed to acknowledge her loss.  She and her subordinate held on to their own false narrative to the very end.

This inevitable end to Hillary Clinton’s 36 years in the political limelight came with her own silent acknowledgement that what had been denied by all within the Leadership of both major political parties who were parroted by their journalistic sycophants embedded in the major media since June16, 2015: Donald J. Trump was the messenger of a political movement that had turned the “silent majority” into an active, standing New Republican Party voting bloc across America.

The media’s pot shots at the GOP presidential candidacy of Donald J. Trump came to the Fox News Channel during the August 6, 2015 debate.  Fox News’ “Fair and Balanced” claims took a heavy hit when the three moderators, Megyn Kelly, Chris Wallace, and Bret Baier, teamed up to target what they thought would be easy prey—Donald J. Trump—within the first 60 seconds of the televised GOP primary presidential debate that was viewed by over 28 million viewers in the states, and untold millions more around the world.

The ongoing false narrative of the “major media” continued on November 9, when news feeds claimed that these street protesters rolling on the avenues of major cities here in America chanting, “Not my President!” were organized by local activists. 

The false narrative from the major media outlets repeatedly splayed across news broadcasts was their self-confident proclamations declaring that these “spontaneous protests” on the streets of Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington, D.C., Portland, Ore., St. Paul, Minn., and Seattle (to name just a few), were locally inspired reactions to the loss of Hillary Clinton. 

Contrary to the media’s false narrative, the street protests were not spontaneous local reactions to the November 8 election results.  The facts are that these were the result of an action plan organized by local professional advocacy groups known as “non-governmental organizations,” inclusive of the riot in Portland, who are domestically chartered 501(c) professorial advocacy groups.  They led their local activists and paid staff (funded by supportive, “one world advocacy” partners such as George Soros’ Open Society Foundations), through the streets chanting “Not my President.”  These “one world advocacy” groups are calling for an expansion of the “one world globalist economy”—in short, “one world governance”—as referenced by Barrack Obama during his last speech during the United Nations annual global summit on September 22, 2016: “Global integration”.

The advocacy of those standing up to impose global integration showed their true colors following Donald J. Trump’s electoral victory on November 8th when they organized protests in the United Kingdom, Philippines, France, Germany, Canada, Belgium, Israel, New Zealand, and Australia.

Donald J. Trump spoke up about how this One World Globalist Economy comes at a dear cost to Americans, as our borders are open to untaxed imports, illegal immigration, and the export of our jobs; the direct result of 70 thousand factories being moved overseas following the implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement.  One year later, the World Trade Organization was formed on January 1, 1995.   Today, twenty years later, there exists a nearly 800 billion dollar annual trade imbalance.  That is nearly one trillion dollars of OUR private wealth being exported to rebuild the infrastructure of foreign nations every year, whilst our infrastructure here in the United States of America crumbles!

In support of their affiliated Non Governmental Organizations coordinating protests internationally, the professional domestic 501(c) nongovernmental organizations operating as political advocacy groups here in America called upon their paid supporters to march across the urban landscape from Seattle to Dallas, then right up to the doors of Trump Tower New York.

Jim Stafford of the Washington Community Action Network (a 501(c) professional organization), posted an ad on Craig’s list to hire folks to help with “organizational activities” for a march on the Streets of Seattle chanting, “Not my President!”

The Black Lives Matter Global Network activity in Portland was organized by Gregory McKelvey, who supported the anti-Trump protests following the November 8th election that turned downtown Portland into an urban battlefield.  The professionally printed banners and signage conflicted with the protestors’ actions of looting and torching businesses in the urban landscape of Portland as they protested Hillary Clinton’s loss to, “Not my President”.  Black Lives Matter Global Network has established a legal relationship with International Development Exchange (IDEX), a 501(c) nongovernmental organization that specializes in raising funds for their legal associates.

Dominique R. Alexander, who is the President and Founder of the Next Generation Action Network, led his 501(c) professional protest’s nongovernmental organization’s fellow activists down the streets of Dallas, moving with their professionally printed signs and banners chanting “Not my President”.  Dominique directed his protestors to stand up at the doors of the First Baptist Church in Dallas—the pulpit of Robert Jeffress—which assured him that his protestors would make the national and international news feed.

Ben Wikler, Director in Washington, D.C., acknowledged that professional organizations had targeted nearly 275 cities for anti-Trump rallies following Trump’s election Victory on November 8th. was co-founded by Joan Blades and Wes Boyd in 1998 as a 527 nongovernmental organization for the purpose of lobbying against the impending impeachment of William “Slick Willie” Jefferson Clinton.

Causa Justa/Just Cause, another 501(c) professional activist organization in Oakland California, moved its supporters to the streets protesting the “racist bigotry” under the “Not my President” rant (the common theme appearing in all of the “spontaneous protests” which became a feature of the daily news feed for a week following the November 8th election victory by Donald J. Trump).

United We Dream in Houston, a local 501(c) professional organization of the United We Dream Network, itself a professional advocacy network based in Los Angeles under the umbrella of the National Immigration Law Center, sent its “troops” to the street under the “Not my President” banners following the loss of their political Heroine Hillary Clinton. 

The United We Dream 501(c) advocacy groups support the illegal immigrants that number nearly two million in California alone.  In what was formerly known as the “Golden State,” which counts nearly two million illegal aliens within its borders, over 800 thousand of which were issued California State driver licenses under Assembly Bill 60.  Another twist here is Assembly Bill 1461 that updated State law to enable a “more vigorous” support for California’s implementation of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993.  The result is that Assembly Bill 1451 enables all applicants for State issued drivers licenses to be registered as Voters!

These nongovernmental organizations fear the daylight that the Presidency of a Donald J. Trump will bring to the Washington D.C. on January 20th, 2017.  These 501(c) and 527 political advocacy groups know better than most that their funding is reliant upon a relationship with what some refer to as the “corrupted progressive political elite,” and their major media allies, all of whom crumbled on November 8, 2016.  The result was their “spontaneous” urban protests that lit up the media for nearly a week following the fall of their heroine Hillary Clinton.

These organized responses to Donald J. Trump’s election night victory substantiate his political skills that are still denied by his opponents.  That political skill enabled him to design a campaign that evolved into the largest, most successful political movement in the history of American Politics.


Donald’s campaign message was simple and to the point; he was standing up to end the “progressive political elite” corruption that had led the “public trust” sitting in Washington, D.C. to—in the eyes of many—mirror the corrupted ways of third world dictatorships. 

The Democratic Presidential Nominee was the prime example of a “progressive political elite” whose lawless ways were the accepted norm within Washington, D.C.’s entrenched political establishment.  A progressive political elite, as shown twice by FBI Director James Comey, who, in concert with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, refused to acknowledge the legal wrongs committed by the Democratic presidential nominee’s pay-to-play scheme, as well as the private email server used to hide these corrupted acts from public scrutiny while serving as Secretary of State.

The result: For over 18 months, the Washington progressive political establishment and their media cheerleaders ignored the coming political triumph of Donald J. Trump.  All the while, he invigorated a political movement that would attract tens of thousands to political rallies starting in Phoenix, Arizona on July 11, 2015.

Five days after the August 6, 2015 debate, Donald J. Trump came to Birch Run, where nearly 3,000 Michiganders and others from outside the land of the Wolverine filled an arena to hear him champion a political movement to, “Make America Great Again”. 

These political rallies, which continued for the next fifteen months and attracted tens of millions of Americans via either actual attendance, social media or broadcast media, were dismissed by his opponents and media pundits which led them to overlook the obvious: The growing political movement that carried Donald J. Trump to victory here in Michigan and throughout America on November 8, 2016, to be elected as the 45th President of the United States of America.


In Sterling Heights at the Freedom Hill Arena, where nearly eight thousand-plus Michiganders stood—with thousands more left standing outside—then over to his final campaign rally in Grand Rapids’ DeVos Place, where another eighteen thousand Michiganders stood in the early morning hours of November 8th and Pete Hoekstra shared the fact which the entrenched Republican Leadership in Washington D.C. refused to comprehend:


Donald J Trump was the messenger of a vibrant unstoppable political movement that will bring a new republican party to the forefront welcoming all to stand tall and,

“Make America Great Again”!

Kenneth grew up on Chesapeake Bay. His family worked on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.  Growing up within the shadows of “I Like Ike”, “Camelot”, and the “Great Society,” he witnessed firsthand the expanding reach of government that followed implementation of The Great Society. In college, Ken majored in Geopolitical and Constitutional History of America. He then learned of “crony capitalism” while working in the private sector. His studies led him to university law libraries, where he rediscovered the untold history of America.  He now serves as a consultant, helping his clients navigate through the bureaucracy of federal, state and local government agencies.

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