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Jack Lessenberry

Jack Lessenberry

Rethinking Michigan’s Public Education System

July 19, 2013

LANSING, Mich. — Mike Flanagan, Michigan’s state superintendent of schools, has spent his life in public education.

Now, he’s presiding over a system in severe crisis. Earlier this month, Gov. Rick Snyder signed a bill giving the state the power to dissolve two small, economically troubled districts: Buena Vista, near Saginaw, and Inkster, in the Detroit area.

They may be the first to go — but unless something changes, they almost certainly won’t be the last. Today, a record number of districts are running deficits, including some of the state’s largest, such as Flint, Pontiac and Detroit.

Flanagan, the state’s top education official since 2005, believes he understands the landscape of Michigan’s public schools.

Now, he’s taking the unusual step of offering two ideas to save traditional public education in Michigan. First, the more radical one: If it were up to him, he told a joint legislative subcommittee, “I would change over to county-wide school districts.”

That would be a vast change. Currently, Michigan has 549 local school districts and 56 intermediate school districts, or ISDs, (not counting perhaps 250 independent charter schools.)

Replacing that structure with 83 county-wide districts would be deeply unsettling to some, especially perhaps all the school superintendents that would no longer be superintendents.

Yet Flanagan thinks it would work far better than what exists now. “Countywide districts work in other states,” such as Florida, he noted in a letter to education subcommittee chairs in both the Michigan House and Senate.

“From my experience, as both a local and intermediate school superintendent, I believe it makes sense,” he told them. He said it would not only help save hundreds of millions by streamlining administrative functions; it would help cushion the effects of enrollment fluctuations.

Finally, “it would provide a more equitable education for all students.” But Flanagan knows there are “many forces that would be supporting and defending the status quo.”

So, he is urging the lawmakers to mandate a “hybrid system.“ That would leave most or all local districts intact — but “centralize administrative and some academic functions at the county or regional level.” That would include transportation, food service, accounting and technology, plus staff training and development, curriculum development, and educator evaluation systems.

The superintendent plans to formally present this to the subcommittees when they meet again on July 31. What’s not known is how they — or the education community — will react.

This hasn’t exactly been a year of legislative accomplishment. So far this year, despite pleading from the governor, the lawmakers have been unwilling to act on the governor’s major initiatives. Flanagan thinks this might be different, however, because some of these reforms represent potential cost savings.

That, however, is precisely what worries some. Scott Warrow is head of the Birmingham Education Association, the teachers’ union in one of suburban Detroit’s largest (8,000 students) affluent districts.
“This is really about privatization of the public schools,” and spending less on them,” said Warrow, a longtime high school teacher who has been head of the union three years.

“This governor and legislature have been at war against teachers and especially their unions,” he said, a view widely shared by teachers since lawmakers outlawed deducting union dues from their paychecks, and then passed right to work.

Flanagan, however, who was first appointed by a Democratic governor, says that isn’t his view. “If it were up to me I would have a sales tax on services that would be devoted to education,” he said, saying he thought it was ridiculous that the state collects tax on a coat bought for a child but not on a golf game.

The superintendent believes his proposal will actually help local schools, both academically and financially, by freeing them to not having to duplicate non-educational services.

Fred Procter was principal at Birmingham Groves High School, where Warrow teaches, for a dozen years before taking early retirement in June. He believes some of what the superintendent is proposing makes sense.

“Birmingham was one of the first to privatize food service, janitorial service, and then transportation. Everybody said that would never work. But the school has never been cleaner,” and the bus and food service has also been better than it was.

Even the union’s Warrow acknowledged that centralizing transportation and janitorial services made sense.

But Procter is very wary of anything that would take away the highly-ranked Birmingham system’s educational autonomy.

Noting the superintendent’s comment about “providing a more equitable education for all students,” he asked, “are we talking about leveling up or leveling down?”

What is clear is that the present system isn’t working. A record number of the state’s local school districts are spending more than they are taking in, something they aren‘t legally supposed to do.
The 6,000-student Pontiac district has only able to avoid closing because of cash advances — now stopped — from Oakland County’s intermediate district.

In many urban areas, public schools have had their funding depleted by students leaving for charter schools. Since 1994, the schools have been mainly funded by a per-pupil grant from the state.

“Everybody knows if we were starting from scratch to design a statewide school system, we never would have done it this way,” Flanagan said. However, as he noted, this is what Michigan now has. What remains to be seen is what the state will do to fix it.

Veteran journalist and national Emmy Award winner Jack Lessenberry teaches at Wayne State University, serves as Michigan Radio’s senior political analyst and writes regularly for several publications. He also serves as The Toledo Blade’s writing coach and ombudsman and is host of the weekly television show Deadline Now on WGTE-TV in Toledo.

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  • 1 Anagnorisis // Jul 19, 2013 at 8:52 am

    Crisis indeed, an understatement. Detroit, 1970, birth of first child prompted quick exit, no place to raise a white child (black or Hispanic either) unless private or home schooling were plausible. Now that the city is officially bankrupt public school doesn’t offer much to live up to. One has to admire those students, teachers and administrators that do try to cope but those who can get out most often do. It’s not Sesame Street.

  • 2 Realist // Jul 19, 2013 at 11:12 am

    School funding has been an issue since Prop A was passed—it just took years to come to fruition. The Michigan Legislature added to an existing funding crisis when it moved $900 Million out of the School Aid fund to support the restructuring of the business tax. That was just one of many political decisions that added to a problem that has been building for years. Please do not imply that the teachers’ lack of support for the continued financial cuts and school restructuring started only after the union breaking tactics of the current legislature. Educators have been aware of the downward spiral for the past twelve years. The break them, then blame them approach to education reform is an embarrassment to the State. As Detroit (Pontiac, Inkster, Flint, etc.) go, so goes the rest of the rest of Michigan.

  • 3 Sharon // Jul 19, 2013 at 12:00 pm

    Every child that leaves a private school to go to a charter also costs the state money. Most if not all of the religious and private schools in our state do an outstanding job of educating our youth, many times at half the cost of a public school students. Michigan needs to incentivize more to attend or stay at non-public schools through vouchers or tax credits. Would save the state millions and turn out a better product.

  • 4 James Brazier // Jul 19, 2013 at 1:20 pm

    Grassroots support for public education could decline if the state requires county-wide school districts. Consequences would likely be more parents exercising their public school choice rights and greater enrollment at charter schools besides a groundswell of support for tuition vouchers. Of course, such results might not occur immediately and could be either accelerated or dampened by public school administration in a county-wide school district system. But the immediate consequences of merging insolvent districts with the solvent districts in Wayne, Saginaw and other counties to absorb Detroit, Highland Park, Hamtramck and Buena Vista School Districts will certainly upset parents who have tried to avoid these schools for their children.

    There is also the possibility and the strong likelihood that fewer school districts will not mean lower costs in educating each pupil. Research conducted by Elinor Ostrom, who received a Nobel Prize in Economics for this research, showed that going larger will not mean economies of scale hoped for by policy makers.

    Michigan has a quasi-marketplace for public schools due to schools of choice and charter school policies. A sign of a shrinking industry is that firms in private markets merge for the benefits of greater market power and the possibility of greater efficiency. If Michigan goes to county-wide districts without revoking the policies that have transformed public schools into a market where schools are competing for students, it accelerates transformation of the market into an even more competitive market with parents as consumers demanding even greater choice of schools. This would mean policies of adding charter schools and initiating vouchers would generate even greater public support.

    This is bad public policy following the bad public policy of transforming a public school system into a quasi-market of public school choices. While Flanagan may think this will save public schools by possibly making it cheaper to educate each pupil, it could fail miserably if Ostrom’s research findings are confirmed with no economies of scale arising from going to bigger districts. Consolidation of Michigan public school districts occurred before and it was not a permanent solution to the problem to the rising costs of public education.

  • 5 John Roach // Jul 22, 2013 at 11:04 am

    When considering re-organizing school districts across the state, three aspects need attention — finance, support, and education delivery. Perhaps finance can be centralized state-wide. Educational delivery might be best handled politically on a local basis. Support might be most amenable to county-wide consolidation.

    State-wide finance cries out for vigorous discussion.

    If the ideal is equal educational opportunity for all students, as measured by equal funding across the state, some statewide funding mechanism is needed. We need a Prop A on steroids — perhaps a single-rate state-wide property tax.

    All funding for education would flow through the state and be distributed on a per pupil basis. This should include funding for public schools as well as private schools — including charter schools. It would include all funding — capital expenditures as well as operational budgets. There would be no ability to “top off” the funding with local sources. This is necessary (at least among the public schools) to eliminate the “gaming” of the system now endemic in the public school systems. (Farmington is going to the polls in August — 9 months after a high turn-out election, November 2012, for capital improvements totaling $222 million. What did they not know 9 months ago? Lake Orion is doing the same thing with two sinking fund type proposals.)

    Perhaps for capital projects, the local board could get funding from the state. Then, they should be required to service that debt right off the top from their state per pupil allotment. Facilities would “compete” with other expenses at the district level to establish the best mix — the one providing the highest education outcome, hopefully.

    Local control of educational delivery, as well as total spending, would require state oversite. The state would continue to establish the general overall curriculum requirements and the measurement system to see how each district performs as compared with the others. Districts that fail to deliver a satisfactory educational outcome, or fail to live within their budget, would be identified (and possibly closed).

    The local board would oversee specific course offerings; textbook selection; instructional model; teacher training; employee wages and, possibly, benefits; class schedules; technology utilization; and spending allocation among various budget categories (all within the total state and federal revenue). If the district wished to spend money on in-house transportation, for example, and it were more expensive than outsourcing that function, they would have to “short” something else — rather than going to the public for more money in total.

    This gets us to those services that could be consolidated at, perhaps, the county level. Many back office functions would fall into that area. Also included might be teacher training delivery. What I worry about here is the frequent mentions of transportation and food services as potentially amenable to this consolidation. I hope those mentions are simply a short-hand meant to highlight something people recognize as not core to delivery of education.

    I would hope any consolidation would not compromise the advances the governor has encouraged to reduce operating costs by outsourcing non-core activities where economic. Many districts have found significant savings in privatizing these two specific services. They, and custodial services, have been a focus of this savings drive. A move to substitute monopoly labor of county-wide unions in these area would be a major step backward.

    Perhaps you have in mind the county as the sole purchaser of outside services supplying transportation, food, and custodial services from the private sector. If economies of scale or logistical considerations make a county-wide contract more cost effective than having district-specific contracts, it is a worthwhile concept. Districts would then be free to concentrate on educating a well-fed student population delivered to the doors of well maintained buildings.

    Please do not promote the introduction of more monopoly labor into the system as unionized county (state) employees.

  • 6 jean kozek // Jul 26, 2013 at 9:07 am

    The State Superintendent is concerned that even more school districts will run deficits, so he proposes consolidation of services as a way to cut costs. State government reduced spending on education by $1 billion a year! Could this have an effect on the number of districts running deficits?

    In the last three or four years school districts have frozen teachers’ wages. Teachers have not gotten any raises, even cost of living raises. And, from their current wages, they must now pay a greater percentage of their pension and health care costs. This cut in pay has been necessitated by the state reduction in per pupil spending.

    When the Superintendent talks of privatizing services such as custodial work, food services, etc., he knows cost savings only come from cutting wages earned by these service providers.

    From this reduced amount of public tax dollars going toward education, how many of those remaining dollars go to NON public schools? Charter schools aren’t public schools. On-line “schools” provide education (textbooks on a computer screen) and no physical bldg. or services or even “live” teachers, yet they qualify for public tax dollar funding.

    Just maybe one way to reduce costs is to declare that public tax dollars for education can only be used by public schools.

  • 7 Gloria Woods // Jul 26, 2013 at 12:54 pm

    I like the idea of county-wide districts. It would definitely save money, which we need to do, especially since this Governor and the current legislative majority are draining money from public education in favor of for-profit education businesses.

    It would simplify district administration and, I think, strengthen accountability for those administrations. And, it’s local enough to satisfy those who want local control.

    I realize that many, including many allies in the public education field, will disagree, with this assessment, but it’s a view I’ve held for many years. The excessive number of districts we have creates too many district fiefdoms, which do nothing to further our children’s education. The money saved can, hopefully, be used for the benefit of our children.

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