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Winning The Day

It’s a horse race.

July 19, 2013

Q. You’ve written previously about Detroit mayoral hopefuls. What’s your take on the August 6th primary election and how it will play out?

A. It’s a horse race for sure. And one that McCarthy Blanchard is watching closely from its Detroit-area office. With a field of 14 candidates plus write-in candidate Mike Duggan vying for the privilege of serving as mayor of Detroit – yes, folks, it is a privilege – interest is high at least in media and business circles. Soon we will see what Detroit voters think. Benny Napoleon holds the pole position for a number of reasons including Duggan’s premature filing error. Can Duggan make the cut as a write-in candidate in the primary election? The odds are against him succeeding but stranger things have happened.

From a messaging standpoint, Duggan is making a strong run at capturing write-in votes in the primary. He is standing on his record at the DMC as a turnaround expert. He is using facts and Detroit voters to tell his story at every turn, from radio ads, to community meetings, to media interviews. In usual Duggan style, he is not shying away from confronting the hard questions such as legacy health care costs, the water department and Detroit’s emergency manager. Clearly, he is prepared to run a hard race to the finish line.

Napoleon’s approach is different. His messaging is not as factual and hard-hitting as Duggan’s. At least up to now. Napoleon has several assets going for him that he is quick to point out starting with lifelong residency in the city of Detroit and his service as Wayne County sheriff. From McCarthy Blanchard’s perspective, he would be well served to serve up more facts and less rhetoric.

If Duggan does prevail as a write-in candidate in the primary election rest assured, he will go the distance.

Paula Blanchard Stone and Patty McCarthy are partners in McCarthy  Blanchard, an executive training firm specializing , an executive training firm specializing in presentation skills and executive presence. Visit mccarthyblanchard.com or call (517) 339-7447 or (313) 882-9200. | Website

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