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To reserve advertising space, create a sponsorship or obtain additional information, e-mail Dome or call 517-881-3756.

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Dome — the first and only online magazine covering the people, issues and events shaping Michigan policy and politics — enables you to deliver your message easily and effectively. Each month more than 10,000 affluent, influential opinion leaders and decision makers are drawn to Dome’s compelling, free content — news, analysis, opinion, reviews, humor and sophistication not available anywhere else. Dome gives readers a broad, in-depth, intelligent, colorful and stylish look at what’s going on — not just under and around the Capitol dome, but wherever politics and policy are percolating. Elected and appointed officials, lobbyists, policy experts, business and labor leaders, association and nonprofit executives, educators and regular citizens interested in their government make up the core of Dome’s target audience. Dome takes the complexity and high cost out of web advertising. Choose one of two large, affordable ad sizes and determine how long you want your ad campaign to run. Then enjoy Dome’s content — and your advertising results.

Maximum Exposure

To provide your ad with maximum exposure, it will be rotated evenly with other ads throughout the entire website. This enables your ad to be viewed by the largest number of site visitors and allows us to place ads on every page. Site traffic data will be provided on a regular basis. Readership continues to grow by healthy double digits every year.

Ad Rates and Sponsorships

Ad Rates
Ad Size: Tower (160 × 600 pixels)
Cost Per Month: $599 (1–5 months) $549 (6–11 months) $509 (12 months)
Plus free Resource Guide listing

Ad Size: Monument (160 × 300 pixels)
Cost Per Month: $359 (1–5 months) $329 (6–11 months) $309 (12 months)
Plus free Resource Guide listing

Become an advertising sponsor of a regular column, feature or department (for example: environment, education, tax policy, health care), much as you would sponsor a television or radio program. Your logo, a brief description of your organization and a link to your website will appear on the column, feature or department and all pages associated with it. Sponsorship costs are based on the content and readership. To discuss creating a sponsorship, contact Dome at 269.758.3480 or email Dome.


Ad materials are due 5 business days prior to ad start, 10 business days if design/production is required. In most cases, ads start on the 16th day of the month and end on the 15th day of the last month of your contract. New ad materials may be substituted on a monthly basis for free or a more frequent basis for a charge of $20 per substitution (plus normal design/production fees if those services are required).


To ensure the highest quality layout, the numbers of pixels are both minimum and maximum sizes.

Acceptable files:
Flash (SWF) (include fonts & FLA) *Max size: 30k
Flash video (FLV) *no sound, tower only, middle position only. Max size: 1MB
GIF, JPG *Max size: 20k

All ads must be web ready, or additional fees may be added. Design/production services are available @ $75/hour.

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