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Chuck Moss serves on the Board of the Regional Transportation Authority. He was elected to represent the 40th District in the Michigan House and was appointed Chairman of the all-important Appropriations Committee, responsible for the entire state budget. Prior to politics, Chuck was political columnist for the DETROIT NEWS, and has hosted talk shows for radio and television.

Sometimes you have to be there for people. My friend Jay has been wrestling with a deep, fundamental personal issue for some time. Recently he was clearly troubled and wanted to talk.  “I can’t go on like this,” he said. ”I feel like I’m living a lie.” “What?” I said. “You are one of the most direct-spoken people around!” “Everybody thinks so, but it’s not...
When the House of Bourbon, the French royals, returned to power after Napoleon’s fall, Talleyrand said “they have forgotten nothing and learned nothing.” Governor Whitmer’s threat not to sign any budget without funding for her road tax plan shows Les Democrats equally amnesiac about why they went to the guillotine in 2010. “Forgotten nothing and learned nothing” indeed.  So, let’s start with Her Excellency’s proposed...

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