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Jack Lessenberry, the longtime head of journalism at Wayne State University, can be heard on his podcast on YouTube via the Zing Media Network. He also is a winner of a National Emmy Award for a 1994 Frontline documentary on Dr. Jack Kevorkian, has served as The Toledo Blade’s writing coach and ombudsman and is now a columnist for and a  consultant to both that newspaper and Block Communications, Inc. He is also the co-author of “The People’s Lawyer,” a biography of Frank Kelley, the nation’s longest-serving attorney general, and is working on a book on a pioneering newspaper family and race.

LANSING, MI – Few people were paying much attention to something called coronavirus back in late February. The head of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services was cautioning people to wash their hands and stay home if they were sick, but saying that “the current risk of COVID-19 in the United States is low.” However, Dana Nessel, Michigan’s exuberantly active attorney general, already...
DETROIT – Most of the talk about what might happen in the presidential election this year has revolved around those swing voters who supported Barack Obama, then switched to Donald Trump.  They are certainly important – but most commentators are overlooking another category that also could be decisive: The millions of voters who decided they couldn’t stomach either Hillary Clinton or Trump and chose third-party...

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