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Lawrence M. Glazer is the author of Wounded Warrior, a biography of former governor and Supreme Court justice John Swainson, and winner of theIndependent Publisher gold medal in biography. He is also a retired Ingham County Circuit Court Judge and former legal advisor to Gov. James J. Blanchard. He currently serves on the State Board of Ethics.

Gretchen Whitmer campaigned for Governor on a promise to “fix the damn roads.”  And she followed through. Upon taking office she proposed a 45-cent increase in fuel taxes to pay for major projects to repair and replace our deteriorating road system. Unfortunately for the Governor, the same voters who elected her also returned gerrymandered Republican majorities to both houses of the state legislature. They quickly...

By on January 17th, 2020

In a recent column* I described how Boston’s alarming rise in gun violence had motivated the city’s police to invite a group of academics to study the problem and design a program to deal with it. The professors’ findings surprised the police: the majority of shootings in the city were gang-related, and reducing the violence would require ongoing communication with the gang members, many of...

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