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Lawrence M. Glazer is the author of Wounded Warrior, a biography of former governor and Supreme Court justice John Swainson, and winner of theIndependent Publisher gold medal in biography. He is also a retired Ingham County Circuit Court Judge and former legal advisor to Gov. James J. Blanchard. He currently serves on the State Board of Ethics.

The decade ending in 1995 would long be remembered by Bostonians. The emergence of crack cocaine had accelerated turf battles and other beefs between neighborhood gangs. The result was “an epidemic of youth homicide between the late 1980s and early 1990s. Homicide among persons ages 24 and under increased by 230 percent—from 22 victims in 1987 to 73 victims in 1990—and remained high well after...
If you like seeing criminals locked up and the key thrown away, you live in the right country. The U.S. leads the world in per capita incarceration. And it’s not even close. The various institutions that research incarceration rates use different data sets and methods, so the resulting reports present somewhat disparate numbers. But every study finds that the United States leads the world in...

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