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Lawrence M. Glazer is the author of Wounded Warrior, a biography of former governor and Supreme Court justice John Swainson, and winner of theIndependent Publisher gold medal in biography. He is also a retired Ingham County Circuit Court Judge and former legal advisor to Gov. James J. Blanchard. He currently serves on the State Board of Ethics.

Traditionally, the U.S. Supreme Court announces decisions, in all cases that have been argued, no later than the end of its current term. The current term will end June 30.  Therefore, some time before that date the Court is widely expected to release a decision of historic importance regarding the practice of creating legislative districts that are shaped to give one political party an advantage....

By on March 22nd, 2019

The Constitution of the United States is often described as the “the supreme law of the land,” and it is.* No federal statute may contradict any provision of the Constitution, and any action of a federal government agency that violates it is null and void. Moreover, federal courts have consistently ruled that the U.S. Constitution also applies to all statutes and actions of state and...

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