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Michael Patrick Shiels hosts a capital-based, award-winning, syndicated morning radio program broadcast across Michigan. For a list of affiliate stations or podcasts see MiBigShow.com. He may be contacted at [email protected]

Dome Magazine readers likely frequent Washington D.C., which has been pejoratively labeled “The Swamp,” by the current White House occupant who, despite his Wharton degree, likely never considered that the nation’s capital is, in fact, built on tidal flats along the Tiber Creek which made the humid area a marshy affair in the past.  First time visitors arriving via Delta Airlines might be surprised to...
MPS: “Felix Sharpe-Caballero, public administrator and analyst, are we headed for an all-out race war in America?” Sharpe-Caballero: “We are clearly at a point where race is a problem in the country and if we don’t move to address it in a real kind of way it will eat us alive.” ____________________________________________________________ MPS: “US Senator Gary Peters is making his annual motorcycle trip around the...

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