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Michael Patrick Shiels hosts a capital-based, award-winning, syndicated morning radio program broadcast across Michigan. For a list of affiliate stations or podcasts see MiBigShow.com. He may be contacted at [email protected]

The performances of opponents are scrutinized during political debates and critiqued afterward. Candidates craft and prepare campaign speeches. They recite their talking points while appearing on radio and television shows – hoping to duck the occasional, unexpected inside fastball question. They wave and shake hands at parades and make small talk at rubber chicken lunches. And every candidate has strange tales of door knocking incidents...
Do food and politics pair as naturally as walleye and white wine? Salmon and sauvignon blanc? Poisson and pino grigio? Chateaubriand and chianti? The recent G7 Summit meeting of world leaders was staged at the Fairmont’s Le Manoir Richelieu on the St. Lawrence River north of Quebec City. The resort is situated along what’s called Canada’s “Flavor Trail” due to the cheese, cider, craft brewers,...

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