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Many years ago Peter Dewan worked around the State Capitol for a number of elected officials. He began working in Jim Blanchard's congressional office in Oakland County, and worked as a Special Assistant/Legislative Liaison for Governor Blanchard during his two terms.  Mr. Dewan also worked as a Special Assistant to Secretary of State Richard Austin during his final term in office, then worked for former State Representative Mike Griffin in the Michigan House.  Peter Dewan is an independent insurance agent and has been in the insurance industry for nearly 25 years.

I had the great fortune of driving George Weeks through the Upper Peninsula to cover the Great Lakes Circle Tour as a member of Governor Blanchard’s staff in 1987.  As a student of Michigan history and politics, I considered this to be a great assignment.  George had covered everyone and everything in Michigan politics throughout his illustrious career as an esteemed UPI journalist, Detroit News political columnist and former...

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