Bill Schuette is the Only Choice to Keep Michigan Moving Forward

By on October 26th, 2018

This November, voters in Michigan have a clear choice: Do we go forward or
do we go back?

In the rearview mirror, we see our economy flat lining at the end of Jennifer
Granholm’s last term as governor.  Unemployment hit 15%.  Half a million jobs
vanished.  Families left in droves, desperate for better opportunity
elsewhere.  Michigan was a land of lost hope and lost dreams.

Governor Snyder and Republican leaders in Lansing have helped Michigan
recover from that devastating time. They’ve brought our state’s economy
back from the clutches of the “Lost Decade.”  But, even today we still have
300,000 fewer workers than before the Great Recession.  Our median income is
still below pre-recession levels and $5,000 below the national average,
leaving families less in their wallets than most Americans.

Bill Schuette, GOP candidate for Governor, with his choice for Lt. Governor, candidate
Lisa Posthumus Lyons (“Schuette” FB page; image courtesy of the Detroit News)

Michigan has come a long way since those dark days, but we cannot afford to
slip or slow down even a little. With continued Republican leadership from
Bill Schuette and Lisa Posthumus Lyons, Michigan will reach higher and start
winning again.

Bill Schuette’s forward-thinking “Paycheck Agenda” will grow our state
population and raise incomes to help Michigan families. As governor, he’ll
cut taxes, slash auto insurance rates, fix our roads, improve our third
grade reading scores and expand opportunities for our children to get
good-paying jobs in the skilled trades.

Bill Schuette has a solid economic plan to make Michigan a more attractive
place to live, work, start a business and raise a family. His growth-friendly policies will help us compete nationally for jobs and people. Because there isn’t a problem facing Michigan today that couldn’t be made better if we had more people living and working here. 

As attorney general, Bill Schuette has protected our Great Lakes from
invasive species and oil spills; put dangerous criminals including Larry
Nassar behind bars; won justice for victims of sexual assault; fought
excessive insurance rate hikes on seniors; protected children, veterans,
consumers, and homeowners; and defended our Constitutional rights.  As
governor, he’ll continue to lead on the tough issues.

Some have questioned why the Schuette campaign has brought Granholm into the
discussion. But the reasons are obvious.  When Granholm and Whitmer were in power, Michigan was failing. Gretchen Whitmer was Jennifer Granholm’s chief lieutenant in the legislature. She helped Granholm craft and move extreme polices like the failed MBT tax hike, the new sales tax on services, and even property tax increases. When Granholm needed something done, Whitmer carried the water. And the results were disastrous.

Flash forward to today: Michigan is recovering.  Incomes and the population are
slowly creeping up.  Michigan is moving forward.  But where did Whitmer turn
for policy advice?  You guessed it: “Team Granholm.”

Crafted by the same architects as Granholm’s failed policy playbook, Gretchen Whitmer’s agenda would reverse our state’s progress.  Instead of keeping government out of the way, Whitmer—like Granholm—seeks to build
government up.  Every program she has proposed requires more taxes or
fees…or both.

Senator Whitmer never met a tax she didn’t like.  She voted to keep the hated
Michigan Business Tax, more than double our gas taxes, raise property taxes
and increase fees on families, drivers, homeowners, tourists and farms.  What’s worse?  She repeatedly voted for more fees on healthcare! 

Senator Whitmer would take us back to a time of shuttered companies, lost jobs,
smaller paychecks and, maybe worst of all, our children leaving Michigan for
work in other states.

One of her programs involves a so-called “bank” to fund her initiatives.
Only an extreme, liberal politician would think they can start a bank with
no capital. The reason she isn’t worried about that is she knows she can
raise taxes on family budgets to fill it. That is precisely the kind of
Granholm-like thinking that got us into the “Lost Decade” mess in the first
place.  Not surprising that the plan was written by a former top Granholm aide,
is it?

Bill Schuette with President Trump in the Oval Office (image courtesy of

Let’s look ahead this November.  Do we want a job-killing, tax-hiking,
extreme agenda that will take us back to the days of the Great Recession?
Or, do we want to return our state to a place of big dreams, high hopes and
boundless aspirations where people come to raise their families?

The choice is clear: We need to make Bill Schuette our governor and keep
Michigan moving forward.

is the former Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party and President of 60 Plus Association, the American Association of Senior Citizens.

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This was a little disappointing. I mean, there is no way I would vote for BS but almost this whole article is about whey I shouldn’t vote for GW. I read it to learn a little more about BS’s plans in case he does win election. Oh well.

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