Michael Patrick Shiels: Notable Morning Radio Quotes

By on March 8th, 2019

From his syndicated morning talk show, “Michigan’s Big Show starring Michael Patrick Shiels,” heard weekdays on radio stations around the state and at MiBigShow.com. 

Scott Dianda

MPS: “Touching base with former State Legislator, Scott Dianda. We had to dig him out to get him on the air. He’s in the upper peninsula which looks like right about now, sir, the surface of the moon…”

A: “I’ll tell you what, it’s the normal of the Keweenaw Peninsula. You know on average we get about 250 inches of snow every year. You’ve got to be tough to live up here, it’s not for the faint of heart.”

Andrew Abood

MPS: “Andrew Abood from the Abood Law Firm… The Cooley Law grad, Michael Cohen, testified against his former client…”

A: “It’s a chilling turn of events that we have with the guys from our legal system. No matter how much we hate any client, it takes a rare lawyer, even once they’ve been disbarred, to take this action. Mr. Cohen is one of a kind.”

Alain Sanders

MPS: “Political Science professor Alain Sanders, you used to work for Time Magazine. I watched these congressional hearings, and the people asking the questions are so angry…”

A: “For members of congress, this is their moment in the limelight. This is a time in which they can shine for the people back home; show the people that they’re doing their job. It tends to be a showmanship kind of activity. For most members of congress, it’s basically an anonymous existence.”

Curtis Hertel Jr.

MPS: “State Senator Curtis Hertel Jr., you jumped into a freezing cold swimming pool in a Tiger jersey to raise money for Special Olympics. How did that feel?”

Senator Curtis Hertel, Jr. (Photo courtesy of WKAR).

A: “It’s always fun to make a fool out of yourself for a good cause. This was my sixth year doing the Polar Plunge. It wasn’t bad. The worst part is not jumping in… it’s getting out, because of the cold air.”

John Truscott

MPS: “Political anaylist and communications professional, John Truscott, there’s some talk about Justin Amash, the congressman from West Michigan, running for president. That’s all about raising money, isn’t it?”

A: “You know you pretty much have to have your organization ready to pull the trigger, to kick in by this time. But the amount of money that you have to raise is daunting.”

Edited by Daniel DeNova  [email protected].

Michael Patrick Shiels

Michael Patrick Shiels hosts a capital-based, award-winning, syndicated morning radio program broadcast across Michigan. For a list of affiliate stations or podcasts see MiBigShow.com. He may be contacted at [email protected]

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