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By on October 26th, 2018

During this time of heightened political rhetoric, anger and vitriol, emotions are at their peak.  Now is a good time to remember—especially those with the privilege of serving under the Capitol Dome—that just because we disagree doesn’t mean that we’re any less the person we were before we dared express our opinion.

This week we are publishing columns from two policy and political pros who have decades of experience both in and outside the Lansing Beltway and on Capitol Hill.  One, Saul Anuzis, is the former Chair of Michigan’s state Republican Party.    The other is Tom Watkins, who served as Deputy Campaign Manager then Deputy Chief of staff to Governor Blanchard, before he was appointed Director of Mental Health, then State Superintendent of Schools.  Saul analyzes Bill Schuette’s campaign for Governor in his column.  Tom focuses on why he believes Gretchen Whitmer is the better choice.

I commend both for taking the time to share their perspectives.

Saul and Tom don’t agree on many political issues, but they capture what is best about political discourse: A robust debate built upon personal opinion, experience, observations and opinion.  They managed to incorporate all of the above with nary a written “middle finger” being extended in any direction.  I find that refreshing.

They may see this election from diametrically different points of views, but I happen to know that they like and respect each other.  No, neither views either one another—or their favored candidate—as anything resembling an “enemy.”

I think it apropos to remind us of what Abe Lincoln once said: “A house divided against itself will not stand.”  These are interesting times, indeed.  Not the worst (subject matter for another week), but certainly not the best, either.

Perhaps verbal flame-throwing commences once the majority of Americans are (finally) paying attention?  I doubt it.  I’m confident it has (much) more to do with the overwhelming number of backroom soothsayers paid too much to keep the candidates that pay them—and their political parties—apart.  

Regardless of how any of us feel about today’s rhetorical blast furnace, I hope you enjoy the peace of reading another’s point of view, devoid of name-calling.  I know I did!

Thank you for allowing Domemagazine into your life each week.  Our writers appreciate it and so do I.  

Now, don’t forget to vote.  It would be a shame to have endured this entire political season without ultimately experiencing the unique satisfaction of having cast your ballot!

Chuck Perricone

Chuck Perricone served as the first Speaker of the House under term limits. After leaving office, he launched the Perricone Group of companies, including Capitol Strategies, LLC. To better connect the public with the private sector, he then acquired DomeMagazine.com, an award-winning, virtual publication featuring Pulitzer and Emmy-winning columnists. You can reach former Speaker Perricone via e-mail: [email protected]

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