Michigan’s New Women Leaders: A First-Year Scorecard
By on January 17th, 2020

DETROIT – One year ago, a new generation of leaders took power in Michigan following a Democratic statewide near-sweep in the 2018 elections. For the first time since 1995 the state’s three top elected officials were all Democrats. So in their first year — how did the new “kids” do?  As a longtime watcher of state government and politics, here’s my attempt at a year-in-review…


February 8th, 2019
God Bless You, John Dingell
Today we learned of the passing of a great man with an even greater talent: Former Congressman John Dingell.The outpouring...
Infrastructure and Education Crumbling: Michigan needs Bold Leadership

There is a way forward in dealing with disruptive global change and automation that sometimes feels like a slap in the face to good, hard working Michiganders. Many citizens, attempting to play by the rulebook in creating a decent life for themselves and their loved ones, may feel the cards are stacked against them. Worse still, many feel our elected leaders are impervious to their…

Taxes and Tariffs

Columns Susan J. Demas Taxes and Tariffs March 9, 2018 If President Obama had socked Michigan with a one-two punch of higher taxes and steel tariffs, Republicans would be licking their chops about 2018. The GOP playbook of running against a tax-’n’-spend liberal president who just knifed the domestic auto industry practically writes itself. But it’s actually a Republican president — the first to win…

Michael Patrick Shiels: Notable Morning Radio Quotes

From his syndicated morning talk show, “Michigan’s Big Show starring Michael Patrick Shiels,” heard weekdays on radio stations around the state and at MiBigShow.com.  Scott Dianda MPS: “Touching base with former State Legislator, Scott Dianda. We had to dig him out to get him on the air. He’s in the upper peninsula which looks like right about now, sir, the surface of the moon…” A:…


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